Saturday, 16 January 2010

The Grass Is Greener.

The jumps racing arrived back today which was uplifting news ! I managed to watch most of the racing and tried to trade a few races as well. It's amazing when you are really concentrating on a market how some gambles begin, then just snow ball. The last race at Huntingdon was a great example. The horse was called Kings Grey. Five minutes before the off it was at 8 on Betfair and then the cavalry arrived and this horse just crashed down to 3 which is a massive steam . I then watched Kings Grey lead from the start and never relent its gallop. It won going away and had to be pulled up after crossing the line as it still had loads of energy ! I imagine a few people in the know had it right off there. I always have a look at money arriving especially when it is father and son combinations training and riding.

Today as Ice Cube would put it, was a good day, that song is in my head at the moment for some reason. First up i fancied Anak in the opening race. The price was real value to me at 13/2 for a horse that loved the ground, was a stayer, and had a RPR of 121. To be honest if i was an in running trader i would have laid the horse, as it never seemed to be travelling and needed the persuader very early on, but the longer the race went on it just stayed at the front and plodded on. It won at 5/1.I had another two selections Gunnasayso in the 3.35 coming nowhere and Novikov in the 3.45. I managed to get this at 8/1 and it won at 9/2 ! So a nice touch but only a small bet as i wasnt so confident of it performing, especially as the Moore combo had a runner called First Avenue in the same race which had a bit of money coming for it. Definetely put this down to luck but if you have been reading my previous posts i think i deserve it.4PA had a couple of bets this morning.The text came through at about 8.30am but i didnt get on for another hour or so, so the prices had gone by then. I would be interested to know if anyone else follows this and whether they got the prices as per the text message. The two horses in the same race were Aachen and Mighty Man. 4PA was right about the prices as they had both retracted in price by the time i got on. It didnt matter as both ran very poor races, mind you one of the horses came home lame. So £50 lost there.

Equine Investments picked another nice winner at 9/1 in the shape of Exceed The Wildman in the 2.40. This one also didnt seem to travel well but the jockey gave it a good ride. I had £50 on this , but had to split it between two bookies as Betfred would only give me £44 on the win. This picked me up £450 in total.
The second Equine horse was Full Toss in the 3.40 i had £75 on this but it came home fourth.

PP gave out Rackham Lerouge in the 1.55 and this one traded at odds on before coming second so i lost £70.

Bet Catalyst's offerings where a couple of long shots and i put them in a double as suggested. Firstly Gee Dee Nan in the 2.45 which managed to get the third place at 33/1 making a nice profit of £217.
I was hoping the e/w double would come in but the second horse European Dream was done for pretty early in its race.
Just to let you know this blog entry has taken me over an hour to write because even though i was going to watch Everton v Man City i have been laughing all the way through the American Idol auditions, man theres some crazy people out there !
So a profit of £700 for the day and i hope New Orleans win tonight to keep my NFL bet alive.


  1. Excellent day for you Ed.

    Interesting angle on the father/son combo's. The Tizzard's and the Moore's are the 2 that spring to mind.

    p.s. Ice Cube is now stuck in my head!!

    "I even saw the lights of the Goodyear blimp and it read Ice Cube's the top pimp!!"

  2. Cheers Ben, great tune as well !