Tuesday, 16 February 2010

A Sucker Born Every Minute.

Yes there is a programme on TV called "One Born Every Minute". Its a documentary following women giving birth at a hospital in Southampton. In tonights earth shattering episode there is a unemployed young guy who said " I always wanted a baby, but i never thought it would come this early." His girlfriend laying in the hospital bed with a baby in her arms says," All my life all i wanted was to have a baby, and i thought i would have had one before now!" Then he turns to her and says "Bloody hell your mother just gave me a hug in the corridor, she's never done that before, apart from when she's pissed" Its like an episode from the Royle Family! Fan-pikey-tastic is all i can say.

Early start today watching the tennis from Dubai. God it makes me so jealous seeing all that lovely weather and here we are in England freezing our nuts off ! Entered lots of markets and managed to get my £100 profit for the day. I find the road to my profit is going against the market and my own instincts which is a worry! In fact i have entered a couple of tennis competitions on the Betfair forum and all the players i have backed have lost. The worst being Flipkens who i thought had a chance against Vera but managed to lose 6-0,6-0. My career as a tennis tipster is over before it has begun. Today Bet Cat gave me just the one bet which didnt finish anywhere so losing me £40. No bets from PP or Equine. I decided to go for five of my own and finally those buses i mentioned before rolled in...
So another really positive day.


  1. Hi Eddy,

    Very nice tennis profit and very interesting blog. I just added your blog to my list and if possible please add my link to your list for exchange ;)

    thanx and good luck...