Wednesday, 17 February 2010


Oh the fun and games of the Champions League. Where to start... Well lets have a laugh at Sol Campbell back in the big time and looking like a star crossed lover as he gazed into the eyes of the Arsenal goalkeeper while feeding him an obvious back pass. The same goalie had already thrown the ball into the net to give Porto an early lead, he must have been on a right bung! Then while he was looking up at the heavens a player from the other team nicked the ball of the ref (who so i believe was in charge of the Hand Of Frog game) put the ball down, passed to a fellow team member who rolled it into an empty net. Goal !!!! Nice to see Mr Wenger in his usual seething role, bemoaning his bad luck to all the waiting reporters.

Even worse than that was the winning goal in stoppage time for Bayern Munich that was clearly off side. I cant remember seeing such a poor ref for a long time. To add to his woes he sent off a Fiorentina player but ignored some leg breaking two footed tackles from a couple of the Bayern team. Laugh as i might the truth is these are massive games for the clubs involved. The teams have to put up with refs that as per this one officiate in small leagues probably in front of a few thousand people each week. We all still complain about Maradona's hand ball that happened twenty odd years ago , so imagine if a Peruvian referee gives a dodgy penalty that knocks us out of the World Cup. Four years of hard work down the swanny because of some moody official that shouldnt be in charge of a kids school match.

Just one bet from Bet Cat today a loser of £30. Nothing from PP or Equine. I picked three that are all probably finishing about now. £150 lost.

Again i traded some tennis makets which carried on my profitable week in this area.

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