Friday, 19 February 2010

Peer Pressure.

What a shame that Peer had to play all her matches on the outside courts in Dubai. Today was particularly galling as she was in a semi against Venus on court no2. It was strange watching a game on TV from this court, it was like watching the FA Cup final from the Withdean stadium.
Luckily for the authorities she got beat otherwise the final tomorrow would have been a funny old affair. I have been to both countries before and I know which one was the more friendly.

Today was a traders dream on the tennis front with so may games flip flopping. Unfortunately for me I didnt really get to involved, I was unsure about the way a lot of games would go and still being a novice was being ultra safe. I really fancied Azarenka to win, but her odds were to low for me so I ended up laying her. This became a terrible match for me as she won a fairly easy first set and then at a crucial point in the second set Eurosport in all their wisdom went live to the USA for a cringeworthy apology from Tiger Woods. I was in a game quite heavily for me and was subjected to this idiot waffling on. Lets get it straight, I aint interested, life goes on. As the Yanks say " Shit Happens" and if anyone in the media spotlight thinks they can carry on undetected then they are sadly deluded. Anyway Rad broke serve and i got out for a loss of £22 which was about ten times less than it was five minutes before.

The horses were kind to me thank god. Bet Cat one loss £40. Equine had one selection Bollywood Star that I had to spread over a couple of bookies. I struggled to get £50 on it, so next time you see all these twats from VC and Paddy Power on Racing UK saying they have layed thousands on a horse remember this.

PP had two selections the second one winning easily and the first selection came third.

I had five selections with two actually winning, go on touch me I'm hot !!!

On top of that i won another £90 from the tennis on Betfair. I cant get a screen dump at the minute so you will have to trust me on that. In fact my best profit just happened as Gulbis came back to win. His opponent traded at 1.01...


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