Sunday, 14 February 2010

Late One.

Late and quick post tonight. PP had two selections both losing costing me £100. Bet Cat had two and as usual put them in an each way double. The first selection lost but the second Mamlook came fourth winning me £40, giving a £20 loss overall. Equine had three choices with two of them winning.
This gave aprofit of £266.50 overall. I picked two horses with one placing at 25/1.
I didnt actually watch any racing as i was involved in the tennis. As i mentioned in my last post i will try to make the money in Betfair markets and aim to get £100 a day. If i was a bit braver today it could have been more profitable with the tennis, but once i hit the £100 i was wary of blowing my days work.
The tennis was a bit of a nightmare but i managed to dig myself out of a hole with the Deme/Oudin game and also backed Quarrey overnight in his game with Russell. I tend to take a position at the start of matches and trade out, or as in the Djorkovic game i layed him in the first set tie break as i couldnt see much downside to that trade.

Lets hope it continues tomorow.

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