Wednesday, 10 February 2010


So i thought they called it Lost because the plane crashed and they were Lost on an island. But after watching the first two episodes of the final series last night i am finally seeing their cunning plan. We, the viewers are the ones that are completely Lost, with the plot. It makes dear old Bobby Ewing coming to life from a shower cubicle in Dallas look like an everyday occurrence. Bravo!

No post yesterday as it was a non event with just the two bets all day both losers. One from Bet Cat and one from PP. This cost me £100.

After reading the Bet Angel blog about losing money i have been trying out some ideas on the tennis market today, only small amounts just to see if i can get a profit. At the moment their are some excellent blog reads with people willing to share their ideas and strategies, so i applaud The Dark Horse and Cassini for their sterling work, and i will check into Mark Iversons blog to trade some darts tomorrow and to see if i can pick up any pointers. While i am on the subject here is todays screen shot. I have shown the football markets so i can compare tomorrow with DH.
Equine had one bet today, Bollywood Style in the 2.25. I lost £37.50 on this one. Nothing from PP or Bet Cat. I had four today with two of them placing. One of the selections Bideford Legend i was on at 14/1 and it traded odds on in running before getting caught near the line. My other placed horse was a nice 33/1 shot winning me £180.
See you tomorrow.


  1. Hi Eddy, many thanks for the kind words...nothing like putting the pressure on!!!
    Did you win anything on the Beleneses vs Braga game on Monday night?

  2. Your welcome, no i didnt do the game in the end, busy watching the tennis.