Sunday, 7 February 2010

Still Not Good.

Hi De Hi Campers ! At the moment i am trying to stay positive after what was probably the worst weekend i have had for a year. I think everybody gets the feeling that things are going to go wrong at some stage or another and at the moment that is the place i am in.
It is more down to my own bets where i feel i am just not getting any luck. Today i had six bets all losing costing me £300. If two of them had placed i would have broke even but i just missed the place parts on two occasions by necks. Both shots were 20/1 as well. But as the late great Bukowski said, if a gamblers got nothing to complain about then hes got no point in gambling.

So to today and apart from my loss there was no bet from Equine and a loss of £40 from Bet Cat.
PP had the one selection which was Carlito Brigante in the 2.30 which won returning me £72 profit.
Mr X had his first live bet on the France v Scotland six nations game which also won returning me £50.
I also added to my six nations bet with England to win the grand slam at 4/1. Tonights bet is on the Superbowl final being over 55.5 points, and i still have New Orleans to win at 4/1. If they get ahead early i will look to hedge this on Betfair. Good luck with your own punting and lets hope tonights game is an exciting one.

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