Wednesday, 3 February 2010


Nothing exciting to report today. I had three bets , again none of them placing so a loss of £150. Have been on a bit of a poor run with my selections lately all very sad, but they do tend to be a bit like buses so hopefully will get a couple along soon.

No bets from Equine or PP and just a £20 losing bet from Bet Catalyst. The horse was one to take down for the future as it got caught in a pocket and then steamed home to get third. It was called Romantic Queen in the 1.10.

I traded a couple of tennis matches and finished up £2 ! I had a nice green in the Karlovic match but the other player retired before the end of the first set so all bets were voided.

Pyshic Soccer sent out a lay bet which is still in play. The team I layed are now winning 2-1 ! So the profits from that could be back to zero later tonight.

So a red day for the spread sheet to the tune of £ 170, I hope everybody else had a more profitable day than me , though that wouldnt be hard...


  1. Eddie,

    Sorry to hear you had a bad day, hope tomorrow to be better for you.

    Please can we exchange blogs?
    T hats my link below, I have added you to mine already.

    Thanks and good luck!