Thursday, 4 February 2010

Todays Words Of Wisdom.

Wow its Thursday already! Time just flies by and the weekend is just around the corner. I had a really busy day getting involved in markets i havent before. I ignored the early tennis and tried the Greyhounds for the first time. I tried laying dogs to small stakes with the help of a staking plan that was given to me a while back. Its quite good because the markets get settled quickly and there is a race about every ten minutes from noon til night. I shall see how this goes over the next few days.

Horsewise, PP had the one bet, Black Coffee in the 3.20. I had my £60 down and PP had there ninth loser in a row. This is becoming frustrating not long ago i was so close to getting my full bank back, but now i have done a third of it again !

Equine had just the one, a £50 bet for Follow The Flag in the 5.20. For some reason it reminded me of Fred and Wilma in the Flintstones car. It was scurrying along at a rate of knots but wasnt actually going anywhere. As they say on the TV, it was under the pump very early.

Bet Cat had a horse called Medicinal in the 3.20. I had £20 e/w at 33/1. It unfortunately got the spot you dont want, fourth place in a three place pay out .

So £150 down there and i managed to do another £150 with three more of my own choices! All three each way bets going down quicker than John Terry at a players party. So to the good news that i scrabbled a profit through some trades.
I mentioned last week about Racing Trends. Now it is hard for me to get my head round an email full of info every morning but it is useful in so many ways. I especially like the pace running info. Today i backed a couple of horses before the off at high odds that came in giving me a guaranteed profit. One race in particular was over 5f at Southwell. This course has a fairly strong draw bias and being over a short distance i needed a front runner who would hopefully trade shorter in runnning.
After looking at the info i backed The Cuckoo on Betfair at 60 and also Cape Royal at 9. Both had great draws and great pace ratings. As it was The Cuckoo came second and traded as low as 1.63 and Cape Royal was third,again trading at about 3. This one race made me over £200. Later on i backed another horse because of the ratings. This time my bet never got matched in running and i lost £25, so its not all sweetness and light but if you want another angle and you have the time to look at the stats it makes interesting reading. Well not as much as reading Nuts or Viz but you know what i mean. So i managed to eke out a profit, just.

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