Monday, 1 February 2010


Only the one meeting at Wolverhampton today on the A/W. I picked one horse i really fancied which was The Great Husk in the 3.50. I backed it a few days ago and it came second at 20/1. This time i had a £100 on to win at 6.5. I was feeling lucky ! It went off at 3.95 on betfair so the money had come, but yet again it was second . It is beginning to remind me of another annoying donkey called Aeroplane which doesnt seem to do sweet fanny adams but gets a lot of support everytime it races.

No PP or Equine bets today and just the one from Bet Catalyst. I decided because of the lack of racing to have a little extra on their selection. I told you i was feeling lucky! So £55 on Smalljohn at 7/1 in the 4.50. Now i didnt see the race but it won by 2 odd lengths. Well done Bet Cat again !
I know it says 13/2 below but i got BOG.
So £ 385 profit here and £285 for the day.

Just started watching the tennis in Zagreb and noticed there is a lot more liquidity in the market than the Aus Open which really surprised me. I might follow this a bit but it depends on the racing/weather here. While i am on the subject have you ever seen Roger Federer call for a trainer or wearing any sort off bandage for his thighs, knees,ankles? I heard this mentioned yesterday and when you think of all the players who have something holding some part of their body together it is pretty amazing.

I have started a free trial of a football service. It will not work unless you are at a PC all day, and even then i am not sure if there is enough liquidity but i am willing to give it ago. I had my first lay last night and won £50. It is called Pyschic Soccer, and lets see if they do the lottery numbers as well......


  1. The liquidity difference may be because you need to use the AUS wallet or because the matches are at an inconvenient time.

    I have no facts to back up either theory but it is something I was wondering about last week.

  2. Hi Eddy, I wouldn't touch the horse, Aeroplane with a barge pole it is totally ungenuine. They have tried many things with this horse, stronger jockeys, waiting at the back of the field, blinkers on it's last run. It just doesn't put it all in near the finish despite being talented. It may well win in the future but I think that it will have many more losing runs which will result in a long term loss. Just my two penn'orth.

  3. I have a vision of Doris Stokes contacting Bill Shankly and Brian Clough to get tips from beyond the grave.

  4. Cran,

    Yes thats exactly what i thought. I also thought that Europeans are gambling much more than Australians!


    I totally agree ive watched it and lost on it too many times. There doesnt seem to be a winning strategy yet .


    Nice one ! Any help is appreciated !