Thursday, 18 February 2010

Sporting Turkeys.

As normal i was sitting there watching the tennis from Dubai, listening to Annabel Croft on Eurosport waffling on as she does about the weather, the players party, heena tattoos, shopping and all other manner of things, when i realised i had to cook the dinner this evening. Peering in the fridge the only thing we really had to eat was some turkey so i thought i would google some turkey recipes, so as to create a culinary masterpiece. Now you might wonder what the two have in common as would I, but there peering up at me from the screen was Annabel Crofts turkey recipe, the proof is here for all to see. Needless to say I am waiting for the fitness DVD to come out soon as well.Gazing down the page I noticed another sporting hero who could do wonderous things with turkey as well. The thing these stars get upto in their spare time...
Just think if John Terry and Tiger Woods had been concocting their own recipes for the turkey website it would have saved them a lot of aggro, but I think they were to busy porking! This is why you wont catch Frankie with his trousers down.
Just one bet from Bet Cat today, a horse called Junior in the 4.20 which came third so breaking even. Equine had a bet which was a non runner and nothing from PP again. I didnt get involved with anything myself on the horse front.
As you can see i traded some tennis matches and one football match this afternoon. I managed to keep up my winning streak on the tennis but didnt manage to hit my £100 profit for the day. I was still quite pleased as i did get myself into a heafty loss on a couple of matches, the worse being the late game in Argentina between Nalbandian/Traver. It was a very strange game as Nalbandian traded at 1.01 in the set betting market in all three sets. He managed to win the final set in the tie break after having the trainer come on for what the market thought was a match ending injury, but the home crowd roared him onto victory.

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