Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Nice One.

Today seems to have been a long drawn out affair,and its even worse if you havent made any money. So at least that wasnt the case as I made a nice profit for the day.

Horse racing wise there was nothing from PP or Bet Cat. Equine had just the one in the 3.40 called Alfresco. I missed the text by about five minutes this morning and didnt get the 15/2 but managed to get on at 7/1. I had to split my stakes slightly between bookies as I couldn't get my £50 off. I didnt see the race but the lovely four legged thing done the business winning me £350.I picked only one in the 4.50. It came home third winning me another £45. I had two £20 bets on Betfair as well hoping to lay of in running but neither got matched.
I traded a lot of tennis matches today with small stakes following my system and a few hunches. I also traded the one football match which was DHs feature trade. I probably didnt do as well as I should of but I didnt actually watch the game until near the end. Basically I layed over 1.5 goals and backed 1-1/1-2/2-0/0-2 as per his instructions. Bordeaux scored the only goal of the game on the stroke of half time. I was happy not to tinker but just to leave the bets in place for the remainder of the game.


  1. Hi Eddy...
    Surely you mean BACKED Under 1.5 goals?

  2. Hi (again) Eddy
    Nice profit mate... I would have backed 0-1 at half time with small stakes to reduce the red liability on this scoreline by 50%
    Then layed a small amount from 0-2 and backed 0-3 with the same stake.

  3. Hi,

    Sorry Dh you are right I have edited my post its been a long day!

    Thanks for the input.


  4. Hi Eddy

    I have been visiting your blog recently, and am impressed with your discipline, and you seem to know what you are doing! I have just started my own betting adventure, with a bank so small you would probably use the entire bank in an hour of racing! Anyway, I am interested in trading as well - whethere it is football, racing or tennis. Any directions or help in this respect will be much appreciated. Keep up the good work!

  5. Hi Yazmin,

    Thanks for reading the blog and good luck with your own trading. I really dont have any advice as still being a novice. The only thing I try to do is keep my losses respectable and pack up and not chase if the day is a bad one.