Monday, 15 February 2010


I will never win the lottery because i dont even play it.
"Why?" I hear you ask, or maybe "What a pratt!"
Its nothing to do with the odds of actually winning it, its more to do with karma. I think you can be so so lucky ,or so so unlucky and there is a fine, fine line between them both. Today while a couple from England were meeting the press after winning £56 million on the Euro Lottery, over in Belgium a man was having to have his legs amputated so he could be released from the terrible wreckage of a major rail crash that killed many others. The odds were probably the same for each event happening and it seems strange or superstitious but i dont want to risk one for the another. I feel that if something so good can happen then so can something so bad. Mind you the winning couple might end up divorced, have battles over money and friends that suddenly appear, while the guy with no legs might go on to have an amazing and fulfilling life. I remember a story about a guy who was born with a deformed hand that went on to become famous base ball pitcher because he could put a swerve on the ball that knowone else could. Anyway i wish all concerned well.

Another step forward today. Bet Cat had the one selection which snapped a losing streak. £30 was put on Obe Brave in the 5.10. I could only get 5/1 this morning but it drifted and was returned the 7/1 winner giving a nice £210 profit. No bets from PP and just the one from Equine, an each way on Tropical Blue at 10/3 which came second making a loss of £12.50. I had three bets two losing and one coming home.
Yet again i didnt see any racing as i was watching the tennis. I found it amazing that Vera having won the final yesterday in Thailand was playing at 2pm this afternoon 3,000 miles away in Dubai. She must have been shattered with a bit of jet lag to boot. She had enough in the tank to come through in three sets though. I played in most of the markets today just loading up Bet Angel with all the matches and putting various lays in at low prices. This worked well as there were a lot of flip flop games,its just a shame that i missed one of the nice wins because of a PC crash ! The soccer money was made up again from following DH selections so thanks mate you seem to have a nice system going there.


  1. Nice write up. Basically comes down to this for you, would u rather have £56 million with no legs or be poor with legs. ;-)

  2. I only found your blog this morning and I have to say I like it so I added it to my slowly growing blogroll (ur number 3).

    Anyway, after reading your post about winning the lottery it reminded me to check my ticket from the weekend and guess what ? I can't bloody well find it. I know where it's supposed to be but it's not there so now I'm all frantic in case it's lost for good and it's a winner. I've no idea what the numbers are as I asked for 2 lucky dips so there's no point looking up the winning numbers. Woe is me.

    If you get a chance take a look at my blog offering and if you feel like adding me to your list I'd be grateful. Good luck with your foray into the world of pro's not for everyone and it's not easy and I wish you all the best with it.


  3. OK thanks for the comments you will probably find the ticket down the back of the sofa ! Give me your blog link and i will add it.
    Good Luck !

  4. Thx Eddy...the link is