Thursday, 25 February 2010

Déjà vu

Is the experience of feeling sure that one has witnessed or experienced a new situation previously (an individual feels as though an event has already happened or has happened in the recent past), although the exact circumstances of the previous encounter are uncertain. Well thats how it is for me this month as it is a mirror image of January. A really tough start with no money made for the first two weeks followed by a strong finish. Maybe I should just take the first couple of weeks off....

Today started with a PP selection Ryde Back in the 2.00, it came second losing me £50. As regular readers know for this service I started with a £3k bank putting 3% of the bank on each selection. The bank was in proft of about £80 after the first few days back in September and since then has been in decline. On 10th December it hit its lowest point of a 50% loss. My bank was down to £1500. Along came Khyber Kim to win at 14/1 followed by a little spurt upto 29 January when Shadrack won a double bet. At this point the bank was £2710, only £290 down. Today after another loser the bank is back to £1693. So after five months of bets it is showing a loss of about 45%. It is becoming a bit like a dripping tap and I must admit to a feeling of dread when I place my bets!
Bet Cat had Gunslinger in the 2.30. I got on at 14/1 with £20 e/w and it came third winning me £36.
There were no selections today from Equine. My own bets were really positive, firstly I had Rating Queen in the 3.30 in Ireland it came home first. I also had Under The Arch in the 4.35, now this was a weird one. I backed it in the morning at 10/1 it drifted on Betfair from 10 and went off at around 44 ! When you see this kind of hugh drift you know somebody somewhere is in the know, so I wrote of the bet as a loser. Anyway I watched the race and the horse ran a blinder and should have won but got caught near the line after trading at 1.10. I was gutted but at least it came second and I got paid out at 14/1.
My only other bet was on Noakarad De Verzee in the 4.10. I managed to get part of my bet off at 20/1 and the rest at 18/1 . I think it went off at 15/2 and ran from the front and never got caught! I won £940 from this but lost £225 on betfair as I layed the horse in running because I thought it would run out of steam ! With hindsight its money thrown away but you have to make split second decisions when in running and the horse did seem to be slowing at one point. The only benefit with this is at least it saves me with premium charges !

With the tennis I managed to get another small profit but again was lucky after getting myself into another hole. The pleasing thing with this is I am managing to get out of my problems without over staking or chasing.

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