Monday, 22 February 2010


Early 1993 I was working for "Americas Pride Steak & Chicken." It will come as no surprise that I was selling vacuum packed steaks and chicken. In the back of my truck I had a giant freezer containing rib eye, T bone, sirloin, filet mignon and beef patties as the Americans call them.
Every morning I would load it up, get a map out and drive for a couple of hours. I was based in Charlotte, NC and would drive in any direction. Once I hit a town I would then start door knocking. I had to practice my pitch and my southern drawl, but once I had knocked on the door it went something like this, " Morning Sir/Mam, Now y'all gonna think Im crazy but d'yall like steak and chicken ?" The person would normally say "Yes", and as soon as I heard those magic words I would quick as a flash turn round, climb into my truck, and pull out a box of frozen meat. The startled person would either shout no thanks not interested, or occasionally let me in. Once inside I would pull the meat out of the box and wax lyrical about the quality and quantity all available at a low, low price. My boss even told me "If they give you the excuse they dont have room in their freezers you promise you will fit it all in or give it to 'em for free!" Whenever it came to that I would throw all their frozen pizzas and crap on the floor and jam my stuff in, oh the joy !
The trouble with this work was I got so many knock backs that instead of doing every house in the road I would look at the outside and straight away so no I will give that a miss. Sometimes I gave whole roads a miss, so instead of working a neighbourhood I worked some of it. I even seemed to run out of houses and couldnt go back because I could never remember what ones I had been to and what ones I had missed. As you could imagine this job didnt last long, though I did have the pleasure of once selling all the contents of my freezer in a place called Concord, NC. For this I got a $200 bonus and a great night out in Hooters!
Anyway enough reminiscing there is a point to this post and that is systems. In my work I should have acted like a machine and put all my negative thoughts behind me and knocked on every single door because I had no idea who was living there. I might have been skipping an easy sale, but instead I started cherry-picking what doors to knock on. This brings me to my own betting system. It has been working for me on the tennis markets but I have been falling into the cherry picking trap because I think oh that wont happen and I dont follow it as I should and instead I skip a bet. This makes me think I am actually saving myself money but you all know what happens when you do that because lo and behold it wins. Everytime I do this it reminds me of a job I had seventeen years ago, so from now on I am going to try to be more like a robot and not think ,just do!

Talking of systems there are thousands of betting ones being sold every day and I sincerely feel that you are better with making your own rather than buying one that half the world know already. Today the free trial has finished with " Pyschic Soccer." Personally I will not be subscribing to this system , everything about it seemed fudged and made up especially near the end when the results page stopped showing the standard results and instead started to show "Traded Out" results. This was because the bank had actually lost money. I shall watch it closely to see if anything changes but if you cant trust the results its pretty pointless.

Today was only one bet from Bet Cat a £30 loser. I picked one horse called Sheilas Bond in the 2.25, it came home third winning me £15. I had a few bets as posted but was out a lot of the day selling my car. I shall tell you about that tomorrow !


  1. Good post Eddy. Your comment about being ' a robot and not think, just do.' is spot on in my opinion but ONLY if you have a system that appears to work over the longer term.

    Back in 2005 I fell into the trap of cherry picking when I had an almost foolproof system to follow. I had gone through a tremendous amount of money one way and another in a very short space of time and instead of taking a breath then proceeding on with the system, albeit to lower stakes, I started playing my own tweaked version of the system whereby I set my own rules instead of blindly following the system rules that were provided to me by my source.

    Instead of doing the robot thing (don't think, just do) I cherry picked my lays (it was a laying system only), resulting in my losing money where I shouldn't have and not winning money where I would have. End result is a fucked up mindset and an ever dwindling bank.

    If you find something that works long term stick to it like shit to a blanket until market forces render it no longer useful as a money maker.


  2. Hi,

    Thanks for the comment I will try to stick to it thats for sure.