Saturday, 27 February 2010

Sad Day.

I had the misfortune to witness an amazing and sad race today. Six runners with only one finishing and called the winner even though it missed a fence. The winning horse had £19 matched at 1000 on Betfair. The leading horse, which was a mile clear fell near the end and had to be destroyed, the second horse was also to knackered and fell at the same fence leaving the third place horse to go round the fence to complete the course. After a stewards inquiry they deemed the jockey did the right thing as two horses lay stricken on the floor and people were on the course trying to adminster help. I think the result tells the story.
Not many bets for me for a Saturday. I had three picks, two placing breaking even. The two placed were Mullionmileanhour in the 3.50 and Carsonstown Boy in the 4.50 both of these I got at 10/1.
Equine had just the one horse which won very nicely.
Bet Cat had two and as normal an each way double. The first horse was 100/1 and didnt come anywhere, the second horse was Wee Robbie in the 4.10. This horse came second but was matched at 1.05 on Betfair, another gutter. I really need to start laying these off in running, as it feels like I am throwing money away when this happens.

PP had two selections I had £50 on each with one winner giving me a profit for the second day running on their selections.
So to recap the bet paid off on Blake/Karlovic going the distance last night, but to counter that my bet on England winning the triple crown went down the pan as they lost this evening to Ireland. I had no other bets on the tennis today as only the one match in Dubai which was rained off. I might look at some of the matches in the wee small hours.


  1. Hi Eddie

    Great post. It has reminded me to put things clearly into perspective.

    On my blog today I was bemoaning my look for loosing every trade/bet I attempted.

    But as your post clearly illustrates others are taking far bigger risks so that we can have the sports that we love.

    PS I have think you have a great blog and have added you to my blogroll and I wondered if you would consider adding mine to yours.

    Good luck

  2. Hi Mark,

    Thanks for the comments, Good Luck with your blog.


  3. Hi Eddy
    It was indeed a very sad sight to Orana Conti fall so heavily and have to be destroyed. If this had occurred at Aintree it would have been across all the newspapers and the 'once a year' watchers would have had a field day. Sadly, this type of incident, where a horse has to be destroyed, is an almost daily occurence in my experience. Thankfully, some are not so spectacularly highlighted as in this race.