Friday, 5 February 2010

Stuck In 3D Land.

Well, I was hoping to post up a lot earlier than this but went to see the movie Avatar. I had no idea it was that long, in fact i had no idea what the film was about. So three and a half hours later i managed to unstick my arse from the seat to come home.

Nothing much to report anyway as it was a wash out of a day. No bets from PP or Bet Cat. Equine had the one in the 6.35 called African Cheetah. I know i sometimes take the piss but this wasnt anything like a cheetah in fact it got pulled up. I had two bets myself, its a bit like a worn record but they both lost as well. To add to my woes Physic Soccer lost me another £65. They need to get in touch with someone and fast. So a loss today of £ 215. Hopefully tomorrow i can post up earlier with a successful day !

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