Saturday, 20 February 2010

Nothing Major.

Ok another late post with not a lot to say today ! Amazingly I had a lot of horses bets with only the one winner, but lots of places so i ended about £40 down.

Firstly Bet Cat three selections plus an acca/treble loss of only £23 as played to slightly smaller stakes. Nothing from Equine and two from PP. The first was The Sawyer it didnt win and the second did win in a photo.
I had nine selections today my busiest for a long time. Five were unplaced and four placed giving a loss of £18. I missed the tennis this afternoon as Eurosport never showed the final live and I didnt want to bet without live pictures.


  1. Hi Eddy,

    Just i quick comment about your blog, i stumbled across it today by chance and was very impressed with the layout and comments.

    I take it you are making a success of it i am still trying to find the key.

    All the best


  2. How do you get on with these firms, i see from one of yiur earlier posts VC have closed you down any others knocked you back?


  3. Hi Gary,

    Thanks for the positive comments. I can assure you i havent found the key, but am enjoying looking for it for the time being.


    Yes they have all knocked me back same as most people I imagine. Accounts I dont have are VC, Fred,Sport Bet,Boyles, SJ, PP, Skybet.