Friday, 12 February 2010


Hello, you join me today in the world of dilemma. Its been a slow and kinda boring last few days for me in the punting world.

As you know I subscribe to a few services and follow my own picks . This week the services i use have had a very limited amount of bets and so have I. A few days ago i got an email from Equine Investments asking me to pay for the coming years subs which is £1250. Now this is a top service and will make you money which is where the problem lies. I received a bet a long time ago and backed it straight away with Victor Chandler. The horse was 20/1 and came nearly last, but VC closed my account saying they didnt want my business. With my own picks over the last few years i have had many accounts closed and now placing bets is becoming my biggest headache. If there is a bet i want i cant get the price. I can get the bet elswewhere but the prices arent as attractive and theres where your value edge goes. I understand that bookies are businesses just like any other and if you keep taking their money they get pissed off and stop you, so what do i do?

Well what to do is i am not going to subscribe to any services for the foreseeable future. My 4PA subs are due as is Equine. I am just going to keep on following my own tips and the ones that are paid up for a while which are Bet Cat and PP.I dont know if everybody is like me but my email gets so much spam now . Once you are a bettor your email is sold on and everyday i get at least fifty spam mails with the next best system and then the look at my results, following me would have made you this £xxxx amount of money over the last few weeks. Then you join and they are crap. Most are backfiitted systems with no real substance. Now that JPs blog is back i am going to be very interested in how this goes. But for me I shall have to try to make money from the markets on Betfair, even though many a good sailor has been eaten by the sharks on there before. As for the blog i like posting up, but like many bloggers before me if i dont have anything to say or any bets it becomes a bit of a chore !

Bets today three from Equine two losers giving me a profit of £75 and two from PP giving me a profit of £22. No bets from Bet Cat or myself.


  1. I'm probably being thick Eddy but why don't you use Betfair more? Is it the E/W terms that stops you?

    You seem to back a lot of horses at decent prices. Are the place terms on Betfair that awful?

  2. I dont use betfair so much for horses because with BOG odds theres no point. If you get on early in the morning you get a good price and if it drifts it doesnt matter. Also no liquidity in the morning.
    Hope you are doing good you faired ok on the darts the other night.