Sunday, 28 February 2010

Time Of the Month.

After my post about poor foreign refs a few weeks back I have to add to it tonight with an English idiot. I watched the Final between Man U and Villa and what can you say about the man in charge? The most blatant sending off you can get, but basically the ref had already given a penalty and didnt have the balls to back it up with another correct decision by sending Vidic off the park. There is no excuse for that and he shouldnt get another top flight game this season. You could just see him shitting himself about what Fergie would say after the game if Utd had lost and had to play with only ten men. I dont support either team but yet again a team gets to a final to be robbed by an absolutely unbelieveable cock- up!! I am sure Mr Phil Dowd will have a few free tickets coming his way for any Man U games he wants.

Well the last day of the month how time just flies ! Just one bet from Bet Cat today a £30 offering for Benmore Boy in the 4.35. I watched the race and the horse travelled well and then suddenly ran out of steam as is the case in the ground at the moment. Nothing from Equine or PP, so it was left to me to try to hit my daily target. I had five picks with two placed and one unplaced so coming to my last pick I was £50 down . Fortunately it was a nice surprise to look at the Sporting Life results to see it had won ! I had to split the stakes between to bookies as Paddy Power dont like me so much.
So a nice profit of £230 and that was it for the day. The month panned out as follows : my bets +£1469, my trading + £953 of which £818 was from tennis, Equine + £ 826, Bet cat -£2, PP- £ 475, Antepost bets -£50.

I am still in a quandary about joining services to help push me to £3k, I want to but because of the restricted accounts I think it just defeats the object so I am having to push ahead with trying to make it up on the tennis, plus I am going to venture into some basketball markets when I am awake!

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